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Domingo, 22 de abril de 2018
    Porto Editora is the most important educational publisher in Portugal, in the areas of educational books, dictionaries and multimedia products – off and on-line.  
    Founded in 1944 in Porto by a group of teachers of different areas of Education, Porto Editora grew owing to a conscious and solid working method, based on dynamism and innovation, always looking for and applying new methods of teaching and learning, aiming at a better Education.  
    A deep interest in the future of education has granted Porto Editora the leadership both in paper publishing and Multimedia. In fact, since its involvement in Multimedia back in 1994, Porto Editora has already published dozens of educational CD-ROMs and DVD-ROMs, several of which having become reference titles – like “DICIOPEDIA”, an encyclopedia which is the most well-known, most awarded and best-selling multimedia product in Portugal.  
    At the same time, Porto Editora has been developing a full project for the Internet aiming at a range of different targets: students of all ages, parents and teachers. For children between the ages of 5 and 11, www.sitiodosmiudos.pt is an excellent suggestion for learning the first numbers, letters and words, while taking the first steps in the Internet; www.edusurfa.pt is a teen site, where topics like cinema, theater, music or books live together with school subjects; for parents, teachers and the whole educational community, www.educare.pt offers a full news coverage of the Portuguese educational reality, and also articles, files and reports signed by some of the most reputed personalities in pedagogy, psychology, pediatrics and other education-related areas.

On e-commerce, www.webboom.pt is a very successful project implemented by Porto Editora. Here can be found all the books, multimedia products and videogames published and released in Portugal. Webboom.pt is the most renowned Portuguese bookstore on-line being frequently distinguished with prizes and positively mentioned in the media.

    By keeping its strong investment not only in the most up-to-date equipment and technology but also in human resources, Porto Editora will certainly continue to honor its commitment with the World of Education.  
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